Schizzo FAQ’s Customer Support

    Do we install?
No… Schizzo is an eServices provider. We bring the Homeowner and Contractor together. Simply post your project within Schizzo World and choose the right contractor for your project based on price, and reviews..
    How do I bid for work, in another country?
You will have to create a New Profile within the Country you are bidding for with in Schizzo World.
    How do I bid or get into the Schizzo Contractor Directory?
Simply create a Profile.. Need help creating a Profile, send us a message and we will create one for you…
    Can Schizzo help, dealing with a Contractor?
Yes, Message us and we try to message the Contractor to contact you soonest…
    Can you pay Schizzo and Schizzo pay the Contractor or Homeowner on your behalf?
Sorry No… All payment obligations are dealt with directly between the Homeowner and Contractor…
    Can I bid without creating a Profile..
No.. You will have to create a profile first before bidding within Schizzo World and posting in Schizzo Lista.
    How do I pay?
You will pay the Contractor directly after the work has been completed..
    Are all Contractors & Handyman listed certified?
No.. Make sure to ask the right questions when you speak to the Contractor..