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Hardwood Floor Formula

Convert in Metric or Imperial, Formula the same for both...

Room Width (RW) x Room Length (RL) = Value

RW x RL = Value either in m2 or FT2 needed

Tip: Hardwood sold in bundles to cover your room square ft or meter squared. Bundle Size Coverage square ft or meter squared / by room square ft/square inches/meters squared = number of bundles required.

Tip: Hardwood comes in avg length of 1.217m2 or 13.10FT2 each plank

Tip: Expect 15% - 25% Waste

Calculator Inputs

Room Width
Room Length
Add 15% to 25% as waste

Calculator Results: Number of bundles required:  

Important Disclaimer: This calculator is provided for general information and illustration purposes only; the results are to be used only as estimates and are not intended as definitive advice or as a resource applicable to any specific circumstance and should not be relied upon or used as such.